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Jerry Carlson – Publisher



It’s A Fact:
Most Small Businesses
get 75% to 90%
of Their Customers
from a 2-to-5 Mile Radius
Surrounding Their Location



1) Helping to connect each Local Community we serve with Reliable and Dependable local businesses
that provide only the very best in Quality and Service we can find.
2) Maintain an entirely incomparable level of quality to truly inspire and motivate our readers to desire to keep and use each and every issue as a valuable resource they can trust and depend to find the largest variety of needed products and services for their entire family over weeks and months of use.
3) Help to keep local jobs and businesses growing to make a direct difference in every community we serve.
4) Provide unmitigated proof that our slogan since 1993 is more true today than ever before;

Everything Else – Is Just LANDFILL!

QUALITY inspires more than lowering standards to create lower ad prices.
When it comes to advertising, sacrificing quality most often turns off the very people you hoped to attract. That’s all the more true if your advertisements are aiming at a higher end demographic consumer.
We won’t use the poor quality materials that too many media buyers too often demand in the print industry, trying only to get more ads created as cheap as they can. It’s that degradation in quality that has lead to why so much of the print industry has followed a death spiral. Many have gone right down the drain chasing a futile and unsustainable approach.
Better Quality inspires more readers to keep and use our products and is why fewer ads just end up in the trash and become a valuable resource for weeks and months in the homes we mail. More over, the consumer has far more interest in better quality products and superior workmanship than inferior lower priced options.
We are helping smaller local companies fulfill that demand,
at least the ones with quality standards to be worthy of serving our readers
who expect more from us than the low Quality Trash they simply throw away.

• We will screen every advertiser for honesty and reliability.
• We will banish all ethical violators for good.
• We will never skimp on quality of materials.
• We will continually try to provide more and better variety of products and services available to our reader’s local area.
• We will always filter for family appropriate content.
• We will always provide our advertisers with a proof of delivery for the quantity mailed they were promised when requested.

We deliver what we say we will – every issue – every time.
No pie in the sky “readership” promises that cannot be verified.
Nobody can be certain of readership numbers.
We do direct mail delivery, by the US Postal Service,
which we can verify from official US Postal Service postal receipts, called 3602 forms.
We do offer demographic reports of how many people live in each home we mail, average household incomes, ages, etc., but we only promise actual mailboxes delivered, not the number of “estimated” readers to artificially inflate our numbers.
To get more of your ads read by the community, you need to make sure it ends up in the kitchen, on the counter, by the phone…
instead of being thrown in a bag, on the floor of the garage.
Better yet, we offer you a far better chance to be found in your local market than in the battle of internet competition online.
– There are tens of millions of websites all fighting for attention and ranking.
– There are hundreds of TV & Radio Stations today with too many options for providers of those services too.
Nobody can afford them all? That just dilutes your chance to get your invitation to your best prospects.

Most local businesses get 75% to 90% of their sales from local buyers within 2-5 miles of their location.
Those People Only Have ONE Mailbox!
Direct mail delivery is the single most efficient method to get your message seen by those best prospects.
That’s exactly why DIRECT MAIL is still the Single Most Efficient Way to target Your local market area.

The ONLY Trick is don’t go cheap with poor quality for the sake of more quantity. More ads getting thrown away does you no good at all.
That’s why we’ve been saying, and proving, since 1993:
Everything Else – is Just LANDFILL!™

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