We deliver to over 5 times the homes as any newspaper in most all the areas we deliver.
Our combined circulation across Oregon is OVER 400,000 HOMES – Each Issue

We direct mail to hand selected homes in postal routes designed for how people travel thru each area as our top priority. We combine local zones together to create regional coverage for businesses that cover a much larger territory as well.

That means you can target a single zone that best suits your immediate market area of 2 to 5 miles surrounding your location or you can reach out to multiple zones if it makes sense for your type of business.

Our advertisers sell a huge diversity of products and services costing less than a dollar to tens of thousands of dollars. Realtors have reported home sales from our magazine for homes over a Million Dollars PLUS!

Our magazines are not the cheap garbage quality that are simply just thrown away.
1) We have our printing and mailing services produced in NW Portland
2) We’ve been mailing the area since 1993
3) Some magazines average over 100 LOCAL businesses that serve the area
4) 2013 (our 20th year) we increased sales nearly 80%
  Who else in the print industry can come close to that?

Direct Mail gets your ads into the right homes for your target market
+ You cannot get near the penetration from anything else
+ Not TV
+ Not Radio
+ Not Newspapers
+ Not even the internet can get your message into more homes in your local market area

Why is that important?
Small businesses, retailers, restaurants, specialty services get 75% to 90% of sales from folks who live 2 to 5 miles surrounding their location.
Using the mailbox is the #1 most efficient way to get your message to your market.
The trick is to not go cheap and low quality, unless you want your ads tossed in the trash.
That’s why we’ve been saying since 1993;
Everything Else – Is Just LANDFILL!

We do direct response advertising to create action from your ads.
Nobody has dollars to waste on worthless ads that don’t bring any return on investment…
not in this day and age!

Our Home & Garden Section offers regional coverage for a whole host of specialty services and retail products that reliably draw customers from a wider area.  From family fun and attractions to clothing and shoe retailers, as well as high end home improvement products and contractors, we provide proven results for an amazing diversity in promotional mix.

Ads Mailed to 100,000 homes start as low as $250/month

Question: So why bother with ads that are just thrown away?
• We even design your eye catching graphics at no additional charge
• We can always provide a USPS 3602 Form Postal Receipt to PROVE We Deliver What We Promise… Every Time!
• Our Shelf Life Has a Proven 8 Weeks and MORE every issue
• You don’t have to do coupons, but a call to action is necessary for maximum R.O.I.
• We help you come up with the right message, and offer to get maximum results.

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Jerry Carlson – Publisher

We Protect Our Readers & Screen All Advertisers

We use online reviews and customer satisfaction surveys to screen every advertiser for quality, reliability and ethics of conduct. Needless to say, you are in good company!

  • Let’s face it, if readers lose trust in who we promote to them, we will go right down the drain – fast.
  • We want every advertiser to know they can be proud of every other business their ad will be promoted with or next to, in every single issue.
  • Every issue that goes out goes through the same scrutiny before being sent – our best clients with our best ad designs ads up to a winning team.
    Contact us and we’ll show you how to get customers coming in and redeeming your coupons on a regular basis. Read our testimonials from just a few of our happy customers HERE.

    And if you want to check out how often we get your coupons and deals out into your community, check out the PUBLISHING CALENDAR.